Saikat & Raksha

A  stunning mixed-culture destination wedding in Bengaluru

Our job makes us travel far and wide, witness such a wide variety of relationships and cultures and people and we are so grateful for that. And sometimes, we get to witness love that is so pure and real that it would move your very core.

This is how we felt at Raksha & Saikat’s wedding, which took place at Miraya Greens Resort, a beautiful venue in the outskirts of Bangalore. This epic Tamilian/Punjabi/Bengali wedding was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster. (Our entire team was also thrilled that they had included their doggie into the ceremony, with his own special sherwani to match!)

Raksha & Saikat were work buddies who also lived close to each other and their love blossomed during their car-pool dates to and from work. But it was when Raksha quit the job and started working elsewhere that the both of them started feeling something was amiss and realised that there might be something happening here!! Saikat is the first person in his entire extended family to be marrying someone who is not a Bengali and so they decided to make a huge celebration of all three cultures and their wedding was spread across six different functions, with a Tamilian Muhurutham, a Bengali Sindooran and a Punjabi Sangeet!

We are blessed to have been there to witness their union and the love that they both share and the love that surrounds them. Have a look & witness the magic for yourself!

The wedding was very tastefully designed by With Love, Nilma.

You can also view their wedding film here.

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