Rachita & Kalhan

Anantya, Palace Grounds | Bangalore

From the minute we met them, we knew this wedding was going to be a dance party and a half. So much so that the Reception after the Wedding was technically Sangeet No 2. You will see exactly what we mean as you scroll down. This quirky duo’s wedding absolutely reflected not only their individual personalities but also who they are as a couple.
Fun fact: Kalhan once re-created the music festival Coachella for Rachita and surprised her with it, calling it Rachella!! Apparently, this is when Kalhans friends knew that she was the one for him.

The celebration of Rachita and Kalhan’s wedding weekend began with a boho-chic mehendi with beautiful flowers everywhere you looked, even adorning the bride-to-be’s ears and neck with all floral maathapattis & ear chains. As the cozy afternoon melted into the evening, we got to witness banging dance performances from their families and of course, the star dancers of the show, Rachita and Kalhan themselves.

The wedding itself was quaint and lovely. Rachita was ready way before her baraat got there – this is quite rare and VERY exciting for us. We happily got to make some really cute bridal photos of her, while she broke into dance every now and again 🙂 Their love for each other was evident in the goofy faces they kept making at each other throughout the ceremony, and the way they made every wedding ritual their own – thoroughly enjoying each bit. At the Reception (Sangeet No 2), we witnessed many choreographed performances from the happy couple as well as friends & family and some truly heart warming speeches were made by their closest ones causing many.

Rachita & Kalhan, you two are truly special, and we wish you a lifetime of silliness and joy together!

You can also watch their wedding film here.

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