A colorful and vibrant engagement session in Pondicherry

When Manasa & Abhilash came to meet us, they were very clear about what they wanted from their pre-wedding photos and film. They wanted us to capture them together just the way they are, no frills – pure raw moments between them.
And so we immediately knew it was a perfect match!

After talking to them a bit we decided to use travelling as the theme for telling their story visually as they are complete travelbugs and in fact, their story started during a trip together with friends a few years back and since then, they pack their bags and travel at every given chance! Pondicherry was special for them, and so that is where we ended up!

They are adorable together. They had a ball during the two days we spent there, as you will very clearly see from the photos and film (which you can watch here).

From an impromptu race at the beach, to exploring the streets and cafes as they playfully wandered the colourful streets of Pondicherry, to making friends with a sweet little doggy they met; this couple shoot was all kinds of FUN!

We hope you enjoy as much as we did 🙂

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