Shirin & Kunal

Miraya Greens, Bangalore

Kunal and Shirin have been together for years, which is evident from the comfort and warmth between them, their friends and their families.

They commemorated their bond with a three day long Hindu-Muslim celebration, beginning with an intimate Mehendi and Nihari. The next morning we saw Shirin, a calm, glowy bride-to-be, sipping on her coffee as she got ready for her Nikah, interspersed with a few friends and family stepping into the room and gasping at how beautiful she looked. It was a lovely, close knit affair with all the dearest people in their lives and ended with the newly joined families exchanging hugs, tears and photographs.

We couldn’t keep the couple from practicing their choreography for the evening’s sangeet while taking their portraits, their adoration for each other palpable. At the warmly lit sangeet we saw some truly smashing performances from their friends, family and the extremely talented couple themselves; after which everyone danced non-stop for hours — we couldn’t keep from smiling & dancing right along with them. The next morning was the Hindu ceremony, the Muhurtham, the last of their nuptials.

This union is truly blessed and the wedding was three days of joy, warmth, and heaps of fun – we couldn’t imagine a sweeter celebration. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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