We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. Feel free to drop in a message if you have anything else for us!

Weddings – FAQs

What is your style for capturing weddings?

We have a real, evocative photojournalistic approach to shooting a wedding. Our work is a fusion of fine-art, contemporary & minimalistic imagery. Even our editing style is quite simple and clean, without relying heavily on photo-manipulation. We like keeping it as real as possible!

Though our aim is to be non-intrusive and capture a wedding exactly as it unfolds, we feel the term “candid” has been overused and sometimes, wrongly so. Wedding photography or cinematography is not about these moments alone, it is also about creating timeless images or films and that is why there might be moments where we compose & direct the setting a little to get the optimal result out of a particular image or footage we have visualized.

We tend to be your shadow through this entire journey & how comfortable you are with us definitely comes through in the final result, and it’s an element that simply can’t be created in any environment unless it’s actually there. Which is why we like to build a relationship with you beforehand, so that you are as comfortable as having more friends by your side all through your big day! We believe that in the end, it’s not only about the quality of our work, but the whole experience we provide along with that.

What are your charges and what wedding packages do you offer?

Each wedding we have come across has been unique and different and for this very reason, we don’t offer any fixed packages for weddings and all packages are custom built to suit each client. The cost is typically based on how many days you need us for, how many events during those days, the size or scale of the wedding and the services and/or deliverables you are looking for.

Based on all of the above, and after a conversation with you to understand your requirement in detail, we arrive on an estimate for our services.

So please feel free to connect with us and we can take it from there.

Where are you based out of? Do you travel?

We are currently based out of Bangalore, India.

We absolutely love to travel and have covered wedding assignments all over the country and internationally. We would certainly love to travel for your events.

Do you charge extra for outstation events?

Our charges for events stay the same and do not change one bit; whether it is anywhere in India or abroad.

However, we do expect our clients to understand that in such cases the travel and accommodation for our team will be extra from the package we create for them; unless we are specifically asked for an all-inclusive quote.

This is typically a non-issue and we book for whatever is most reasonable fare during the required dates. As for the accommodation, we prefer to stay as a guest of the family and/or close by for easy maneuvering during the events. Nothing luxurious, but a decent & clean room would be our only expectation. To get an exact quote, please feel free to discuss this with us.

How many people will you have as part of your team?

While we avoid bringing in a huge crowd of photographers and cinematographers as that beats the very purpose of being non-intrusive; in our experience, the team size will depend on your requirement and the size and scale of your wedding. This is typically a decision that is reached after we have spoken and understand your requirement & then mutually decide with you after suggesting what we believe would be the ideal team size.

We have a team of  talented individuals for all kinds of additional services as well; from wedding streaming services, drones to photo-booth operators. Please discuss with us your requirement and we’ll be happy to get you an all-inclusive package.

What all will your wedding package normally include?

What you get out of our services and what you will be paying for:
*  Artistic photography or cinematography services by experienced professionals
*  Rigorous selection, story-flow and editing process for your images & film
*  Professionally edited hi-resolution images & HD films via cloud sharing

Additional deliverable based on your selection can include the following:
*  Pre/post wedding couple shoot
*  Custom designed unique photo books & premium albums
*  Hi quality poster prints of selected images
*  Traditional/Conventional wedding photography & videography
*  Live streaming of events
*  Drones/Cranes for extensive coverage
*  Same-day film & photo edits

How many images will I get?

Unlike most other wedding photographers, we put no limit on the number of images delivered and it really depends on the events and how it all unfolds. However, in our experience there tend to be about 200-300 images for smaller events and approximately 400-500 images for larger events.

We feel that this is a big life event for you and the more memories you have, the better.
We go through a long and rigorous review & selection process of the entire wedding images (where only the completely unusable images or repeated images are removed), and make sure that most of your memories come straight back to you, where they belong, in a way that you relive each moment or even find some that you missed on the big day itself!

How long will it take for you to deliver our wedding photos & films?

Delivery of the final set of edited & developed images takes a minimum of 7-8 weeks, while final graded films take a minimum of 10-12 weeks after your wedding.

Once we have received the images chosen by the client for the album (if any), that takes another 2-3 week to reach your doorstep.

While we do try to deliver as soon as possible, we would like to mention that we personally take over the entire process of reviewing, selecting and editing, and this is something that takes a lot of time and involvement. And while we know that our clients are very eager to see the images, we urge our clients to be a little patient while they are waiting as we put a lot of care into our editing process and truly believe this is as important as the shoot itself.

How does one book you or block your dates?

A 50% deposit of the entire amount decided upon and a signed copy of the contract will help you secure and block your wedding dates in our calendar.

We also follow a ‘first come, first serve’ policy and can confirm booking only on the payment of booking fees and not on verbal confirmations. This is required because once we block our dates for you, we turn away other prospective work and clients for those same dates and hence in certain cases if there has been an only verbal commitment, there is little or no clarity between both parties and can cause misunderstandings. For the same reason, the advance amount is non-refundable. The remaining amount will be due on the day of completion of events.

When should we book you?

As early as possible.

Usually, 6 months before your wedding is a good time to book, as good photographers & cinematographers do get booked quite early. Depending on the dates & wedding season, we may be available next month or may not be available even for next year, so get in touch ASAP!

Can we have the original RAW images included in the package?

We do not hand over RAW images. This is a common query to wedding photographers. In fact, the internet is full of blog posts about this. Here is something another photographer says which explains our perspective best: “Asking a photographer to hand over raw images is akin to asking an author to present you with their book in the manuscript format: unedited, unformatted, and including the paragraphs and chapters that didn’t make it.”
You are hiring us not only to provide a product – the finished image – but a process as well. Without the process, there actually is no finished image. Part of that process means editing out the bad frames and processing the rest in a way that only a professional photographer can, in our signature style to get the final look we have envisioned before taking the picture. During this process of editing, many images are outright rejected because of repetitive shots, bad focusing, exposure issues, someone walking into the frame or missed focus.

Another technical aspect about RAW files that come straight out of the camera is that it is basically a digital negative; binary data which requires special software to even view them. The sheer size of one RAW image is close to 5-6 times the size of a large JPEG and most basic photo viewers do not even recognize these formats.

We would like to assure you that we will carefully comb through all of the photographs and just as carefully choose only the very best to be edited and presented to you. Trust that we will create these for you from the very best shots of your event and we are just as interested as you are in having those photos be beautiful and memorable, while also highlighting our talent and hard work.

What will be the length of the Wedding films? Can we ger RAW dump?

The length of the cinematographic films depends on lots of things like the number of event days, event sizes & mood.

A highlight trailer can be anywhere from 2-5 minutes long and the full cinematic film can be anywhere from 15-50 minutes long.

We request you to care for the quality and not for the length & quantity when looking for cinematic films. In case you would like extensive coverage of the entire event, we suggest including traditional videography in your services.

Regarding unedited dumps, the same logic as photos applies which we explained above. Also, just so you understand, unedited movie files typically are very small clips ranging from few seconds to half a minute and not longer and the files would also be quite heavy, and viewing them separately will not make much sense and by itself will be quite frustrating.

Will you take our inputs for wedding film?

Most definitely. We would definitely like to get an idea of who you are, your story and how you would like your film to look, any ideas you have in terms of music, footage & mood. That being said, sometimes the flow and choice of footage depends entirely on how your events unfold, how much time you are able to give us for any additional shots, mood or story we need to create and weddings certainly don’t always go exactly as planned but we do our best to incorporate any and all ideas you have as this is your wedding film and we would like you to look back at it fondly for years and years to come.

We won’t be able to change the background score and music after delivering the film and so if you do have particular preferences for the same, we urge you to discuss this with us before we deliver the film.

Will you be able to do re-edits of photos & films after delivery?

If you hire us for your wedding, there is a high chance that you like our work. What you see here is what you will get. We capture the moments & memories for you and edit with our signature style and that is what you can expect to get delivered to you and the question of a re-edit of photos doesn’t make sense in that case.

For films, we do take every effort to understand your taste and requirement before the final edit is delivered. But there still may be a possibility when you would like us to change a few minor things like moving around a few frames, or simple addition or subtraction of certain footage. Even though they may look minor, a little change here and there typically requires us to re-edit a huge portion of the film. A little music change may make the whole flow go out of sync. Still, we understand your concern and will make sure that they are taken care of by doing one round of minor changes as complimentary re-edit. But please note that any further changes to the film after that will be chargeable.

Also please note that not all changes can be incorporated. We may simply be missing the footage or that footage or music may simply doesn’t go with the flow at all. There may be certain tunes which sound awesome independently, but may not go well with your footage. We are professionals and experts in our field and request you to give us the creative freedom in deciding what goes well with your footage.

Who owns the copyright to these images & film?

As the photographer, we will own the full copyright to the images, and reserve the rights to use these images on our website and/or my social media handles. We may even use some of the gorgeous images we create at your wedding for displays, publications and/or other promotional work!

You will get perpetual rights; which means you are free to do anything with all the photos and films (print them, share them) as long as you are not using them commercially. If you do need commercial rights to sell the images, please feel free to discuss this with us.

If you wouldn’t want your pictures on social media that is also perfectly fine. These are your memories and definitely your choice on how you would want to share them and who with. However, any images shot by us that go up on our website/online media is what helps attract more clients and is the only way for us to showcase our work/art. In the event that you don’t want the images to be reproduced on any social media, it is important that you mention this at the onset so that we can adjust our package accordingly by addition of a small fee; which then goes towards our marketing budget.

Do you offer Photobooks/Albums?

Yes. We offer premium & exquisite albums. There is a wide range depending on the paper, cover options & sizes. If you don’t want to get your albums done by us, you can get it done from anywhere as well, as we will provide you with all high-resolution pictures.